You Are Invited!

Our Sunday gathering begins at 10:00 and includes:

  • Insightful, practical, Biblical teaching
  • Meaningful musical worship and meditations
  • Creative multimedia
  • Nursery care for infants and toddlers
  • Kids' program for PreK thru 4th grade
  • Room for you and your family

Learn more about where we are located and what to expect by scrolling down.

How To Find Us

Our church campus is located at 1040 Augusta Road (Rt. 201) in Winslow, near Sukee Arena (Verti Drive).  We are about a ten minute drive from Exit 127 off I-95 in Waterville.

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What To Expect On Sunday

We know that being someplace for the first time can feel awkward and even a little intimidating.  We hope you feel right at home with us on Sundays.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers we hope will make you feel more at ease.

What time does Sunday worship start and end?

We start at 10:00AM and end by 11:30AM.  You might want to arrive a few minutes before start time to park, find a seat, etc.

What kind of clothing/dress is appropriate?

Feel free to dress casually and comfortably.  (Our pastors usually wear jeans.)

Which building do I enter?

The "worship building" is on the left, where we meet on Sunday mornings.  The "education building" is on the right and contains classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces.  Restrooms can be found in both buildings (we have overhead blue and white signs to help direct you).

Where do I park?

Anywhere you would like, but we’ve saved a few spots in the front row labeled “visitor.”  Feel free to park there…or not.  It’s up to you.

Where do I take my children?

Glow is our Sunday children’s program for Pre-K through 4th grade.  When you enter the left building, you’ll see a table in the entryway with someone glad to meet you and your family.  He or she will help you check in digitally, and give you a family  number, and a confirmation tag.  Children in Pre-K through Grade One go directly to their classroom for worship, while older children join us for the music portion of our gathering, and are then dismissed together and guided next door for Glow during the remainder of the meeting.  If they need you for any reason (including trips to the restroom), your family number will appear on the screen at the front, so you can easily and quietly slip out of the meeting to help them.  When our meeting concludes, just take your confirmation tag next door to check out your children.  The numbered tag corresponds with the name tags of your children, and it acts as a security pass.  Children will not be dismissed to the care of anyone who does not turn in your family tag.  We suggest arriving a few minutes early to allow time for checking in your children.

For children younger than pre-school (or not yet potty trained), we provide a staffed nursery.  The nursery is located in the worship building, on the right when you enter.  You may securely check-in your child anytime during the Sunday worship gathering.  Adjacent to the nursery is a quiet room reserved for sleeping babies and moms nursing infants; just inquire with our nursery staff.

Where do I sit in the meeting room?

You are welcome to sit anywhere you would like.  No one has an assigned or “usual” seat for you to take away.  Please consider yourself our guest.

Where can I get a cup of coffee?

As you enter our meeting room, to your immediate right you will find a coffee station all set up for your convenience -  all complimentary of course.

Will I be asked to introduce myself publicly?

No; we promise to not single you out or draw attention to you in any way.  We’re just glad you have decided to join us.

Am I expected to put any money into the offering plate as it passes by?

Those who call our church their home support what we do by giving on a regular basis.  You are welcome to either participate or to pass the plate by.  

What if I have a different question than the ones above?

We're glad to answer it! Please contact us.