Church Staff

  • Pastor Larry Lakey

    Larry has been serving as Senior Pastor since 2005.  Originally from New Jersey, he previously served in youth and children’s ministry in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  He is a graduate of Messiah College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and is particularly passionate about preaching and pastoral leadership.

    His personal interests include music, creative media, sports, American history, science fiction, and the consumption of culinary excellence. Sometimes, Larry enjoys good books a little too much.  He is not so handy around the house and avoids power tools whenever possible.  He is a New England Patriots fan, but wishes to not disclose his baseball loyalties at this time.  

    Larry and his wife, Jen, live in Winslow with their five daughters, chocolate-colored Labrador Retriever, and three two no hermit crabs.  They enjoy traveling together, both to interesting places within Maine and to farther away places that require a lot of sunscreen.  They are deeply committed to the Winslow community.

  • Pastor Matthew Ouellette

    Pastor Matt has served in worship and youth ministries in Central Maine since 2008. He is passionate about a transparent pursuit of Christ through speaking, writing, music, and art that points others to God’s truth.

    When not writing a song or eating a taco, Matt can be found reading or playing a board game. Matt, Melissa and family make their home in Waterville and love to have adventures together.

  • Robin Walker

    Robin is best described as a “Timothy,” having been born into and raised in a Christian home. ( II Timothy 1:5)  At the age of four she gave her heart to Jesus, as the result of a Five-Day-Club in her neighborhood.  She has attended Winslow Baptist Church since 1969, and has a heart to teach, care for, worship with, and serve with the people in this family. 

    After attending a Christian high school, she received her Bachelor’s in Religious Education from New England Bible College.  Her ministry experience is diverse, including: public music ministry, youth and children’s ministry leadership, promotion team for the Bible college, camp counselor, teaching in a Christian school, teaching women’s Bible studies, conference speaking, and hospitality.

    Robin has been the administrative assistant here at the church since June of 2009, and resides in Waterville with her husband, Clint.  She loves to sing, cook, read, teach, work with her hands, and spend time with her children and grandbabies.